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Curtis - Mitchell Columbian No. 2 Curtis - Mitchell Columbian No2. Bench Mount Job Press

Bed size: 6x9 inches
patented circa 1920

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The Curtis & Mitchell Columbian No. 2 press would be used to print cards, tickets, office stationary, perhaps the occasional small book - anything that would fit on a sheet of up to 6x9 inches. Beyond that, you would need a larger press like the Samson or the Potter Proof Press

The one at H-J was made about 1880 and is fully operational in the museum shop in 2019 - 140 years later...

Other Information about t
his press and Curtis & Mitchel
from Howard Iron Works:

Edward Curtis and Edward Mitchell, formed a partnership in the 1860's. Both had been involved in the printing trades. Curtis, according to Elizabeth Harris, was a type founder, while Mitchell listed himself as an agent for the Gordon press. Along came an inventor by the name of Jarvis Burrell. In 1878, Burrell assigned his novel patents for the Columbian Rotary Press to the two partners. The little platen was made and sold in two floor model sizes of 6" x 9" and 8" x 12".

from Briar Press & Letterpress Commons:

This Columbian No. 2, with a 6" x 9" chase (image size) was made by Curtis and Mitchell of Boston between 1878 and 1891.

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