Mason E. Hale's
x15 Chandler & Price Press
For Sale/Rescue Alexandria, Virginia
(available as of Dec 12, 2015)
$Best offer - ($1500-$3500 value)
Press is in great shape, but must
be partially DISASSEMBLED to be removed
from the basement.

UPDATE 11/1/16:
This press is no longer available.

C&P 10x15 needing a buyer or rescue - Chandler & Price New-series 10x15 serial number C65742 - manufactured towards the end of 1923.

Sanskrit Text printed by Mason
                      HaleThe printer, Mason Hale, was best known as a botanist at The Smithsonian Institute and used this press to print a 10 x 15 C&P
                  Printing Press with owner Beatrice Hale and some of
                  her husband's workvariety of items including informational display cards for lichen samples on display at the Smithsonian.

At one time he had three presses in operation here in the basement of his home in suburban Alexandria,  Virginia. (the C&P along with a 5x8 Kelsey and a 7x10 1/2 Daughaday Model #4) He also dabbled in publishing in Sanskrit as well. His font library included 38 fonts in 10 faces - including some Sanskrit with which he hand-set and  printed Aesop's Fables and other works of interest.

Mason Ellsworth Hale, Jr. (September 23, 1929 April 23, 1990) was one of the most prolific lichenologists of the 20th century. - Wikipedia.org

Mr. Hale published more than 150 studies, including five books on lichens. In his 33 years at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, Mr. Hale built the lichen collection at the natural history museum into the world's third largest. - NY Times

This press was lightly used in his basement until about 25 years ago. I10 x 15 C&P
                    Printing Presst's clean and in good shape - needs rollers & a drive rod for the ink fountain & some minor cleaning - and likely a good oiling, but otherwise everything works. Mr. Hale has passed away and his widow has found good homes for all of the type and other items of his shop - except for this large press.

10 x 15
                      C&P Printing Press Leland MotorIt includes a full ink fountain, a brake and a good little Leland Electric Motor. Looks like mechanical variable speed, but there is also a crankshaft that can accept a treadle & hook ($150-200) for slower speed foot-powered operation. 10 x 15
                    C&P Printing Press Flywheel Brake

This press also has a nicely made but apparently "after market" solid wooden flywheel foot brake mounted on a very solid block of wood.
Looks like it should work well.

But t
5 Steps leading to ground levelhe press is in the basement and will need to be partially disassembled (remove feedboards, throw-off assy,  flywheel, drivewheel & crankshaft & side arms. Then split into two units at bed shaft at base of press) and moved out of the basement and up 6 concrete steps to street level. This should be a relatively easy basement move that could be accomplished safely in less than three hours.

30" doorwayAfter dis-assembly, the press will be narrowed to 27" wide and will have to fit through a 30" door, be turned 90 degrees and then ramped up these 6 - 36" wide new concrete steps. A vehicle or trailer can be positioned at the top of the steps for loading as well as to serve as an anchor for a chain-hoist or winch. Press cannot be removed in one piece.

Press appears to be in very good to excellent condition

Press is as-is in Alexandria, VA. Moves smoothly.
Needs oil, rollers and a bit of tlc.

  • Press is located in owner's basement - must be partially disassembled to be moved out of basement and up 6 concrete steps to street level. - Can be pulled up using come-along or winch directly onto trailer outside.
  • Has not been used in 25 years - requires cleaning, oiling, new rollers & tlc.
  • Includes Full Ink Fountain, good Motor, Flywheel brake. Treadle could be added.

Pleasecontact us

to make an offer and discuss moving of this press

I travel to this area once a month. While in the area, I would be available for one day, for a fee of $250, to disassemble this press in place.

For an additional $100, I can either meet with buyer and advise on/supervise loading onto a U-Haul 5x8 ramp trailer, or document each step of disassembly and post details online.

Dis-assembly, removal, moving & reassembly & setup value approx. $1500
(by an experienced letterpress mechanic & shop mover)
plus $1.50 mile over 30 miles from Alexandria, VA.