Rodney Pugh's
x12 Chandler & Price Press
For Sale/Rescue in Springfield, Virginia
(available as of August 12, 2016)
$Best offer - ($1000-$2000 value)
Press is in great shape, but must
be partially DISASSEMBLED to be removed
from the basement.
8 x 12 C&P
                            Printing Press

UPDATE 12/15/17:

After sitting here in the shop (and being used regularly) for the past year, Rodney's press is back into excellent working condition, with
a new (old) foot treadle, new 2x6 rails (stained the same shade as the feed and delivery boards to make them look nice), a new ink disk striker blade (they do wear and can be replaced) and new rollers, plus quite a bit of general tlc and lubrication.

It is
now beginning its new life in Queens, NY - with Melissa and Brittany who plan to do a lot of printing with it in years to come. They made a trip out here to the shop to "try before you buy" in Novemberand, after printing with it, decided that they liked it and that it was the press for them. Once they made the decision to buy it, we made arrangements to deliver it to their new shop in Queens and now that it is safely in its new home, they are beginning their new letterpress adventures. 

UPDATE 11/6/16:

This press is no longer in Virginia.
It is fully assembled and will soon be operational and in an easy-loading location. It is available at the Excelsior Press Museum Print Shop in Frenchtown, NJ 08825.

This press is in very good to excellent condition. It needed only cleaning and oiling to get back up to speed. We are adding a foot treadle and new rollers and making this press ready for its next owner. When ready to sell, it will be priced at $1850.

Please feel free to visit us at the shop and "try before you buy" - print something here, take it home and continue printing there...

C&P 8x12 needing a new home.

Chandler & Price New Series 8x12
serial number B58012 - manufactured towards the end of 1917.

Sally's inquiry to us:

subject: My father's old C&P
C&P serial number B58012
"I have the above letterpress in my basement. While just having it there brings back fond memories of my Dad using it, it has been gathering dust for 30+ years so I've decided I would like to get rid of it. It meant so much to my father that I really don't want to scrap it and hope that someone else can get some use and/or enjoyment out of it. Are you interested? I'm afraid my sisters sold the chases at a yard sale so I don't have any of those.

Thanks, Sally Earl"


Sally's Dad, Rodney Pugh, got this press in the late fifties and used it at first for commercial - and later for personal printing. For the past 30 or so years, it has been well kept, stored in the clean, dry basement where he had used it. Now the house is up for sale and the press must be moved to a new home - and NOT the scrap yard. The press includes a leather drive belt, a Readington counter, a full-cover gear guard for safety, and it can accept a foot treadle.

This press is nearly ready to print as is. The motor (if used) will need to be tested.
It probably could do with a good, deep oiling.
It is missing a chase, and needs a new set of rollers, but they are both readily available.
8 x 12
                    C&P Printing Press

This press has been well-protected in a dry basement. The paint is good, there is almost no rust to be concerned about. It appears to be just about ready to print as it is - maybe an hour or two cleaning, oiling, mounting a new set of rollers and it can go back to what it has always done best - Letterpress Printing....


Readington Counter
This Readington Counter will let you know just how many pieces have been printed. It's easy to reset to zero at the beginning of a press run and will please your ears as it clicks off the impressions...

BTW - It will not advance while the press is idling and not on impression, so you will get a true count of your run.

Chandler & Price NameplateThe press was painted green and, since there is almost no rust to be concerned about, will clean up nicely and be an attractive addition to any print shop...

After dis-assembly, the press will be narrowed to 22" wide and will have to fit through a the basement door, then up some steps.  A vehicle or trailer can be positioned at the top of the steps for loading as well as to serve as an anchor for a chain-hoist or winch. Press cannot be removed in one piece.

Press appears to be in very good to excellent condition

Press is as-is in Springfield, VA. Moves smoothly.
Needs oil, rollers and a bit of tlc.

  • Press is located in owner's basement - must be partially disassembled to be moved out of basement and up steps to street level. - Can be pulled up using come-along or winch directly onto trailer outside.
  • Has not been used in 25 years - requires cleaning, oiling, new rollers & tlc.
  • Good paint. Needs only cleaning.
  • Includes Readington Counter & full gear guard.
  • Treadle could be added.
  • Has long crankshaft - with room to add drive wheel on right side

Pleasecontact us

to make an offer and discuss moving of this press

Note: I travel to this area once a month. While in the area, I would be available for one day, for a fee of $250, to disassemble this press in place.

For an additional $100, I can either meet with buyer and advise on/supervise loading onto a U-Haul 5x8 ramp trailer, or document each step of dis-assembly and post details online.

Dis-assembly, removal, moving & reassembly & setup value approx. $1500
(by an experienced letterpress mechanic & shop mover)
plus $1.50 mile over 30 miles from Springfield, VA.