Mr. & Mrs. Davis'
Complete Print Shop

The Davis Press
since 1957
For Sale/Rescue in Tiverton, Rhode Island
(available as of August 15, 2016)
$Best offer - (a $5000 value)
Shop is complete, and on ground floor.
Thanks for looking. 


Golding Jobber Name Plate

Equipment List (Sorry, Everything has been sold)
  • 10x15 C&P with Miller Feed
  • 10x15 Heidelberg Windmill
  • 12x18 Golding Jobber No 8 
  • 7x11 Golding Pearl No.11 - New Style, with impression throw-off
  • 23" Manual Paper Cutter
  • 75 full cases of pretty good job shop type
  • Many cases of wood type
  • Classic "Brown Multi" 10x15 Multilith Offset press

needing a buyer or rescue

These presses were used by Mr. & Mrs. Davis (& their 3 children) in their home shop for over 30 years. Mr. Davis is gone; the home will soon be sold. Mrs. Davis & her son Ed - who both worked in the shop for many, many years, want to make sure that their equipment goes to good homes. These presses are all in good shape and ready to print right now.

10 x 15 C&P
                            Printing Press
This 10x15 Chandler & Price the non-working Miller Feed has been removed, but adding wooden feed/delivery boards is a simple task.

This press was not in use, but simply sat in the corner, while the Heidelberg handled the 10x15 work.
13x18 Golding
                            Jobber C&P Printing Press
The 12x18 Golding Jobber No. 8 is a powerful press. With a working ink fountain, 2 additional rollers can be added to the upper arms as shown to make this a 4-roller, full-coverage press.

10 x15 Heidelberg Windmill - 10 x 15 Heidelberg Windmill
                            Printing Pressthe workhorse of any letterpress shop. At up to 5,000 impressions per hour, capable of dead-on, dot-for-dot register with enough pressure and strength to die cut and emboss, this press will handle a truly wide range of commercial or artistic letterpress work.

What is more precious than 7x11 Golding Pearl Printing Pressa Pearl? A New Series 7x11 Golding Pearl No. 11 - one of the most desirable presses in use today. Light enough to move easily, small enough to fit almost anywhere, yet robust and capable as anything out there...
Multilith 1250 (w?)
The classic "Brown Multi" - Addressograph/Multigraph Multilth 1250 - another work horse found in nearly every progressive print shop from the 1950's through the 1990's. Not so popular in these days of digital printing, but capable of doing fine offset lithographic printing at thousands of sheets per hour. Yes, parts & Supplies ARE available for this classic small offset press.
Multilith 1250 Offset LIthography Press23" Manual Lever Paper Cutter

20 1/2" Manual Lever Paper Cutter Slower than a modern $5-10,000 computerized power cutter, but capable of doing the same job. Every real print shop needs their own paper cutter... - and this one is just the right size to handle that popular 20x26" cover stock.

  All equipment was in use until recently.

A note about Davis Press by Ed Davis III:

In 1957, Edward Davis Jr and his Wife Wilda Y. Davis
, my parents, bought the property at 847 Main Road Tiverton, RI as residence for their family of 5 and to establish a new printing business, Ideal Press.  Tiverton was a small seaside community and the nearest printers were in the neighboring city, Fall River, MA. Opportunity presented itself. The shop opened with 3 presses: a foot pumped Pearl, a Chandler and Price and a Golden Jobber.

Soon after, Ed purchased an offset press and the business flourished.  As the only printer in town, Ed's business poured out forms, wedding invitations, tickets and all other printed products needed by local business and the town's services. A Heidelberg was added in the 1970s to increase production.

A family business, the shop was manned by Ed, his father Ed Sr., his wife Wilda and all three children.  Being an avid stamp collector, the publication "Stamp Business" was printed and distributed in this small shop and quickly became the 2nd largest catalogue for wholesale stamps in the world.  Later, as the need for this publication faded, the stamp collecting theme was continued as Davis Local Post was established.  My dad produced thousands of Local Post stamps were produced and distributed to collectors
all around the world.

Having been a family oriented establishment, the name was changed to "Davis Press" during the 1970s.  Soon after, Ed became a full time printing teacher for the Fall River Public Schools until his retirement in 1995.  At one time, my father and I were the printing teachers for both middle schools in the city. The business was kept open to continue the constant need for products produced at larger companies that still allowed for enough profit to keep the doors open while my dad continued his hobby of producing local post items.

Sadly, my dad passed in January of 2016 and the presses remain standing. We would like to find them good homes so their legacy does not end in a scrap heap. Presses like these are an important part of history.  As a computer tech teacher I constantly remind my students that the printing press was the seed that sprouted the advancement of the human race.  As a Google for Education Trainer, I constantly remind my colleagues that the integration of technology into our field is not a fad.  Public Education exists because of the invention of movable type and the printing press, the most important invention of all time!

It is my hope that someone can use our family's machines to keep the legacy going.

Edward Davis III

Edward Davis -  authorized Google Education Trainer and Google Educator
Teacher - West Warwick (RI) Public Schools

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