"Uncle Bill's"
9x13 Kelsey Excelsior Model FA
Printing Press
plus 7 cases of type and miscellaneous
For Sale in Ridgefield, NJ
(available as of 10/1/2016)
update: This press has been sold and now resides near Toronto, Ontario, Canada
$1500 or Best offer a $2500 value)
Press is in very good condition, but will need new rollers.
4 original Kelsey cores included. 
8 - 2/3-sized Kelsey job cases
miscellaneous printer's items
composing sticks, furniture, etc.

UPDATE 11/9/16:
This press is no longer in Ridgefield, NJ.

It is available at the Excelsior Press Museum Print Shop in Frenchtown, NJ 08825.

This press is in very good to excellent condition. It needs only cleaning and oiling to get into usable condition. We are adding new rollers and making this press ready for its next owner. When ready to sell - cleaned and with new rollers, it will be priced at $1650.

As is, now - $1500 -
Update August, 2017 - This press has been SOLD - August, 2017

Please feel free to visit us at the shop and "try before you buy" - print something here, take it home and continue printing there...

                          Model FA Printing Press9x13 Kelsey Excelsior Model FA Printing Press in search of a new home.

Kelsey Press Serial Number
Serial number D59E - manufactured in 1959.

Niece Sunda wrote us:

"It was my uncle Bill (Umberto Di Rayata) who had the press and printed his book and manuscripts. After the press was given to my dad it was never used again."

This press was used by Umberto Di Rayata to print a book and some other texts, but the press was not heavily used. When he realized he wouldn't be using it again, he packed it up very well and gave it to his brother, Sunda's father, who never used it.

                      9x13 Press and Type Casest remained, ink disk covered, with cardboard taped in place, rollers removed and otherwise quite clean - covered with a heavy cloth with everything packed away safely in Sunda's Father's warm, dry work shop for the past 20+ years.

But now Sunda's father is gone and her mother will be selling their home. The press is ready for a new home. It's in very
good shape, needs only rollers to be fully operational

The Complete kit includes 7 Fonts in cases (lightly used) plus one unused case - all in clean condition.
  • 10 Point Futura
  • 12 Point Futura
  • 12 Point Futura Light (#1)
  • 12 Point Futura Light (#2)
  • 10 Point Century Schoolbook (+ caps font new)
  • 18 Point Copperplate Gothic
  • 24 Point Engravers Text

Type Case #1Type Case
                  #4Type Case #3

Printers Tools

Composing Sticks, Planing Block, Kelsey Brayer, Quoins & Key, Furniture, set of 9x13 Chase Bars

Four Original Kelsey Rollers (cores) in orginal Kelsey shipping tubes.

Printing Press Ink RollersBox of TypeThe rollers are in the tubes, but these shafts must be re-cast.

Other boxes include some new, unused fonts, many tubes of Kelsey oil-based ink (likely still usable) 38 pounds of miscellaneous type, handy boxes and more.

Press appears to be in very good to excellent condition

Press is as-is Ridgefield, New Jersey.  
Needs only rollers, oiling and a bit of tlc.

  • Press is located in Ridgefield, New Jersey - 20 minutes from Manhattan.
  • Has not been used in 20-plus years - requires only light cleaning, oiling, new rollers & tlc.
  • Includes 8 nice, clean Kelsey 2/3 size California-layout Job Cases, 7 with type
  • Includes quoins, key, furniture, 2 composing sticks, Kelsey hand brayer, Wood Type Planing Block, many tubes of possibly still good oil-based Kelsey Ink

Pleasecontact us

to make an offer and discuss moving or shipping of this press

crating (for shipping via common carrier): $150.
Shipping: typical cost $150-250 in Continental US.
Alaska, Hawaii, Overseas shipping can be calculateed

Personal delivery: $150 plus $1.50 mile over 30 miles from Ridgefield, New Jersey
Pick up in person: Free.
Note: It may take two men to lift this press. It is quite heavy... approx. 150 lbs.