Vandercook SP-15 Printing Press
For Sale in New Jersey
(available as of 11/1/16)
UPDATE: This press is no longer available, but instead has found a great home at Old Dominion University in Virginia

Serial # 24600 - Inspected when built by A.W. Winard
Press is in excellent, like-new condition.
Easy ground-level access for moving
Link to Vandercook Sales letter & 1968 Price list
Link to Vandercook Sales Brochure

Vandercook SP-15 Printing Press
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Note the reflections in the photo above. Those vertical lines on the cabinet are the reflection of the legs of the stool to the right. Although a few parts whose paint had worn off have been repainted, the cabinet has not been repainted, but was instead simply cleaned, waxed and buffed to a mirror-like shine...

This press has a distinguished provenance.

  • This press was shipped on January 7, 1965 to Leon Zabriskie Inc of Long Island, NY.

  • The second owner was Norman Cordes of Glen Rock NJ.

  • Wood block
                        prints by RobertaThe third owner was Roberta Mikkelsen of Pearl River, New York. Roberta used it while studying the art of wood engraving with renowned engraver Jon DePol.

    Since then - until September, 2016, it had sat, covered and essentially unused, in the living room/studio at her home in Pearl River, NY.

  • The fourth owner could be you or your school.

This press is currently in service at the Excelsior Press Museum Print Shop in Frenchtown, NJ.

The press has new rollers, a new wash-up blade, a new trip lever spring and has been serviced, cleaned and waxed. Everything works as it did when new. Includes perfectly functioning lock-up bar, new rollers, new ink washup blade, new trip lever springs, new "nyliner" roller bushings, new sheet fingers.

The press has been fully serviced & cleaned.

  • New Ramco ink rollers
  • New Washup Blade
  • New Paper guides
  • New Trip Assembly springs
  • New "Nyliner" Roller Bushings
  • Original Vandercook cloth cover (printed with Vandercook logo)
  • New felt-lined plasticine cover
  • Perfectly functioning lock-up bar

Vandercook SP-15 Printing Press

Press is in very good to excellent condition and is currently in service at the Excelsior Press Museum Print Shop in Frenchtown, NJ

The press is registered with Paul Moxon's Vandercook Census.

This press also comes with an original Vandercook cloth cover. Although stained, it is complete and usable and was recently dry-cleaned. We also found, btw, that a lawnmower/snowblower yard cover fits this press perfectly and is currently protecting the press in the shop.

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to purchase and discuss moving of this press

Moving & setup $500 plus $1.50/mile
(by an experienced letterpress printer, mechanic & shop mover)
calculate $1.50 / mile over 30 miles from Frenchtown, NJ 08825