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35" Seybold Paper Cutter - powered

Seybold 35"
Paper Cutter

available in

Belle Plaine, Minnesota

This is a *very* nice looking big cutter - but one of the smallest of the premier Seybold line. Seybold cutters are arguably the best on the market. Challenge are more common, but Seybold is the Rolls-Royce of cutters... And, although this one does appear dated, it's in excellent shape and is fully-powered - and with safeties to protect the operator.

In addition, note the side guides - on both sides. That allows you to cut to either the left or the right, thereby getting far more use out of the sharpened blade...

It also has the tape measurement system. As long as it is maintained and not stretched or otherwise damaged, this system is very accurate.

- Alan

includes second 35" blade - a $500 value (shown in photo below)
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has just sold her press, but still has this excellent beauty of a power-cutter available as well.

Here's the text of the email I received along with the photos posted on this page:
35" Seybold Paper Cutter - powered"Hi Alan,

I have another piece of equipment I would like to sell. I was wondering if you would post this as well. I can't seem to find the year or serial number on this monster.

The blade is 35" with a 2nd blade for back up.

Looking on line, I can't seem to find one like it, but would like to ask $3,000.00.

Any advice? See attached photos. Still works, still using it.

Thanks in advance,


35" Seybold Paper Cutter - powered
Note: That second blade is a real find. A new one could cost $450-$550 alone!
Contact us for details. - Alan

35" Seybold Paper Cutter - powered

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