equipment in use at the Excelsior Press
Full Kit - Chandler & Price Platen
                            Press, Furniture, Reglet

Chandler & Price
Early Series

size 10x15
available in

Belle Plaine, Minnesota

UPDATE 12/10/17:

Hi Alan,

I just wanted to let you know that my press has sold.  You can take it down
off your website.  It's going to a great home.

Thanks again for all your help.

Much appreciated!


with full cabinet of furniture, full cabinet of reglet, two chases and die-cutting jacket
plus Megill Spring Tongue Gauge Pins, Challenge High Speed Quoins & key
  an unmounted foot brake and a crankshaft that can be used for hanging a treadle hook.
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has been using this press for some light occasional die-cutting - one job for one client -  but not enough to be concerned about any wear problems.

Here's the text of the email I received along with the photos posted on this page:
Full Kit - Chandler & Price Platen Press, Furniture, Reglet"It was moved in here back in the early 1990's from a sale by my
ex-father-in-law, who purchased the equipment from the Lutheran Home here in Belle Plaine.  They used to run their own print shop, but sold all that out to him.  He opened up his own print shop and then sold it to me back in 1999. 

I've been using the machine specifically for one client and one client only, as I have an electric machine that perfs, numbers and scores a lot faster than this one did. I only used it to do a specific die cut for a law service company. I still have that customer, but he no longer needs this service so I no longer use the equipment. Chandler & Price Platen Press - feed board with gauge pins and dies I would appreciate if you could post this and see what we could do to find it a good home. Again, I don't want to scrap the machine. It's in too great of shape for that and I know someone out there would enjoy working with it."
This press comes equipped with a crank on the main shaft, making it a good candidate for treadle power. A treadle can be had for $150- 200 and can be installed in minutes. Contact us for details. - Alan

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