equipment in use at the Excelsior Press

Chandler & Price
Platen Press

New Series
Serial #B62768 - 1939
available in
Wilmington, Delaware
listed 6/19/19


Chrissy's Dad began their printing business in 1935 and he bought the press new. It has been in this location since the mid 1950ís.

The 8x12 C&P is one of the most desirable presses for a small print shop. It's easy to move; easy to operate and will do a find job on images up to 8x12 and sheets up to 11x17"

The also have a Robertson Darkroom Camera - which is ideal for making negatives that can be used to make photo polymer printing plates.

This press is rust-free, appears to have good rollers and will fit through a 34" door when fully assembled; 27" with the flywheel and throw-off lever removed.

Basic press weight is just over 1000 pounds, and can be managed easily by one or two people using leverage, jacks, pipes, ramps and a chain hoist to pull onto a trailer.

(see how WE move a press safely)

- Alan

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This old 8x12 C&P
is in search of a new home. It was made in 1939, and has been in this location since the mid 1950ís. The press includes an impression counter and three apparently good rollers (a $300 value). It appears to be motor driven and may or may not be able to be run by treadle. (We will find out and update this page.)

Note also that we sold a press like this one for $1850 last year. This press has value and should be easy to move from its current location. Contact Chrissy for loading details.

8x12 C&P
Here's the text of the message we received - with a photo of the press to the right and a photo of the darkroom camera down below.

8 x 12 Chandler & Price Letterpress
We would like to sell or give away to a good home our C&P press
Serial #B62768, I believe it was build between 1936 and 1940 (according to my research)

I think my dad bought it new around that time, he started our printing business in 1935 and the
press has been in this location since the mid 1950ís.  

We are located in Wilmington, Delaware and the press is on the main floor on wheels so someone would probably just need a lift gate truck to load it in (totally guessing at this though)

Robertson Vertical Darkroom Camera
We also have a Robertson Camera that I would love to find a home for.  I have attached photos.
Let me know your thoughts.


Chrissy Grimes
1723 W. 8th Street
Wilmington, DE 19805

8x12 C&P specifications

Note: This press is the ideal size for a small shop. It will print a sheet up to 11x17 with an image area of up to 8x12"

Also note: Although it is being offered to "sell or give away", we value this press at $1500 and recommend at least a $100-200 "token of appreciation" of the owners' efforts to find a home for it rather than just have it scrapped... Rescue this press!
Contact us - or contact Chrissy directly for details. - Alan

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