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Colts Armory Press
10x15 (?)
Colts Armory Press

Colts Armory Press
Available in Connecticut

A good press to a good home - and it should be rescued before it is scrapped and destroyed for ever.
 Hand-fed Colts Armory Press
with motor
This is a rescue. If the press is not moved soon, it will be lost for ever.

Linda has a house with a Colt's Armory Press in the basement. But the house if being sold and she is not a printer. The press must be moved by the first week in July, or it will be scrapped... This press should be rescued and put  back into service. The Colt is a great press for heavy impression, die-cutting and embossing.

Colts Armory Press

It appears that the main ink drum and ink rollers have been removed to better facilitate using this press for die cutting and embossing.

But you cannot get a better platen press for heavy impression - for die cutting, embossing or debossing - than the Colt.

Colts Armory Press

Please contact use - or Linda to discuss the possibility of rescuing this press and putting it back into productive use.

No treadle is included, but the crankshaft should be able to handle a treadle - if one can be found or made.

The press comes with a motor, so a treadle realy isn't necessary.

Motor should be 110 volts.

We can't tell from the photos, and it does appear that this press may have had the rollers removed to facilitate die cutting or embossing.

Feed Table - The Colts use seperate feed and delivery tables which do not mount on the press. These are easy to construct and I can show you mine if you want to make a set for yourself.

Moving the press:

stepsThe press is in a basement. However, as you can see from the photo below, there are only five steps to navigate; they are solid, and a vehicle can be positioned right at the top of the steps to anchor a chain-hoist or come-along. A few 2x12 planks, some pipes to roll the press on, a chain-hoist, come-along or winch, and removing the press from this particular basement should be a pretty straightforward process.

See how we removed an 8x12 C&P from a basement in the past.

posted June, 2011