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Complete Letterpress Shop in Germantown, NY
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My father had a functioning letterpress and offset print shop over 20 years ago in upstate New York but he suffered a massive stroke that left him unable to work anymore. The shop sat for 20 plus years and everything has a thin layer of surface rust but I'm sure it could all be brought back to life again.

The property where my father had his shop has been sold and I have a very small window of time to remove the presses and other equipment from the barn.
I've been in touch with some people who have said they are interested but I cannot tell if they are actually going to buy the equipment or if they will not make a decision quick enough.

We have a Heidelberg Windmill Platen with 3 phase motor, a Golding Jobber, a Chandler and Price 30 1/2 paper cutter with 3 phase motor, and a Ludlow 208v electric with one cabinet of matrices, and also a Golding Jobber platen press.
With the exception of the light table, the offset equipment is no longer in the shop.

Full Shop Photo Heidelberg Red Ball
Golding Jobber Golding Jobber
Ludlow Model L Paper Cutter

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contact Gus Philippas directly at 917-912-4277.

Note: In the photos, a lot of other stuff can be seen - a box full of high-speed quoins, a trim saw, galley cabinets, furniture cabinets, a big stack of tympan paper, a light table, etc.

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