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Proof Presses

currently in-use and available for purchase from Excelsior Press

Morgan Line-o-Scribe ~ Nolan Galley Press ~ Excelsior Paper Clamp

No shop is complete without a proof press.
We collect them where ever we find them and then restore them if needed, or sell "as is" - but always in good working condition.

Since we are downsizing, and we only have room for our old favorite Vandercook Model 4, so these other presses - currently in use in the shop are now available for sale to good new homes...Price, sizes, models vary, but here's what we've got:

  1. Morgan Line-O-Scribe Sign PressMorgan Line-O-Scribe 13x21" Sign Press (aka large proof press with small cylinder). Although this press was made initially for printing point-of-sale signs in department stores before being replaced with computers and ink-jet printers, it serves quite well as a smaller, portable flatbed press - for proofs or even multi-colored prints.

    Morgan Line-O-Scribe Sign Press Morgan Line-O-Scribe Sign Press

    Nolan Galley Proof  Press
  2. Nolan 13x21" Proof Press. This one was made simply for pulling proofs in a larger shop, but also doubles quite nicely as a small flatbed press. And now, with the addition of our new Excelsior Proof Press Paper Clamp, can also maintain register between colors. Essentially the same capabilities as the Morgan press above, this one has a sturdy cast-iron base and will give its owner many years of good service.

    Nolan Galley Proof  Press

    - sale pending

  3. We also have 3 more Vandercook Model 01 and two more Vandercook Model 099 presses in the warehouse - all in need of full restoration. When completed, these presses will sell for $1350-1650 - and each will include our new, patented Paper Clamp System.

  4. The Excelsior Proof Press Paper ClampIn addition, we are now offering our unique solution to giving the printer full control of just where the image falls on the printed sheet - much as the Morgan Press and other Showcard Sign Presses (made by Vandercook) offered with their presses.

    Our device is the size of a piece of 60 pica x 10 pica furniture and locks up in your form just as easily as another piece of furniture. The clamp is lower than type high and is set at an angle so that your sheet will not touch the type until the roller presses down on it. Similar, far more complex devices can sell for up to $300 or so.

    Excelsior Paper Clamp Device will sell for $45. Guaranteed to solve your paper clamping problems and just as easy to install as a piece of furniture. Lock it up in your form where ever you want it. Adjust your left guide to any measure (even a bleed). Adjust your top margin to within 24 points of your image. Print multi-color projects on any old galley proof press...

  5. And, one last new item from the workshops of The Excelsior Press Restoration Workshop... a Two-roller Ink Brayer, which, when coupled with our (included) "just lay'em down on the furniture" roller bearers, will give you the capability of laying a smooth, consistent film of ink evenly across your entire form, thereby increasing the quality of your prints.

    This is still under development, with only one working prototype, but it will soon be made available on our new Excelsior Press Inventions page...- and announced on our blog.


page last updated  8/29/18