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Moving an 8x12 Chandler & Price Letterpress from a Basement.
Disassembling an 8x12 C&P for moving.

This press was donated to the Alexandria Township (NJ) Historical Society.

The press was in a basement and had to be taken apart for moving.
(See notes on the procedure we followed below the photos.)

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Procedure we followed:
First of all, I must point out that our primary concern was safety - both for ourselves and for the press.
These presses can be more than about 100 years old. And, especially with the Early Series, the cast iron can be very brittle. These presses don't bounce, the crack... and they are hard to braze back together again. Sort of like a 1,000-pound humpty dumpty...

  1. First, we removed the feed & delivery boards and the entire throw-off assembly.
    (note: re-mounting the throw-off can be tricky. We had to be careful when we bolted the curved back plate on and we adjusted gently. We wiggled things a lot and tested it before we tightened the bolts)
  2. Then we removed the flywheel.
    1. To remove the flywheel, we first drove the main drive gear in with a block of 2x4 and a 3# hammer.
    2. Once the gear had moved in, the key was free to remove
    3. With the key out, the gear came off
    4. On the flywheel side, we removed 3 screws and then backed up and wiggled the flywheel until it came all the way out. We had to turn it a bit to get it through the slots on the side of the machine.
  3. Then tied the press closed with a heavy rope - wrapped about the knee-high cross piece in the front and
  4. Then we removed the side arms
  5. And let the back (bed) down gently onto some 2x6's. Mr. Crombie helped guide it down, but the lowering was controlled by the rope in the front.
  6. Then we loosen the shaft collars and begain driving out the back shaft using a heavy drift pin and 3" sledge hammer
  7. note: on a subsequent move, I finished up driving the shaft out using a broom stick. It's long and it fits perfectly. It's much easier to drive out the shaft from the outside than from between the legs.
  8. we greased a pair of 2x12's with motor oil and then pulled it up the ramp with a mobile chain hoist using a come-along as backup.
  9. Then we hooked up the come-along to the trailer hitch and winched it up a ramp onto the trailer.
It took about 2 hours, moving slowly and carefully all the way.
At the other end, we unloaded at ground level - where it stays. Reassembly was pretty much the reverse of this process. But, on another move, we learned that the throw-off lever assembly may need to be coaxed into place and adjusted a bit.

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Made on 1/10/2002

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