Equipment in use at the Excelsior Press Museum Print Shop

The Kelsey Excelsior Press
parts photos
The OLD Kelsey Excelsior

Kelsey 9x13 gripper assembly detail
Kelsey Excelsior model 9x13
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Gripper Assembly Detail

note curved shaft, closely mounted spring, round gripper arms

Ink Table Drive Assembly Detail
Note return spring attached to arm
9x13 Kelsey Excelsior Printing Press ink dog assy_detail

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5x8 Excelsior Ink Table detail

Kelsey Press - Model N ID
The Older Model "N"
table rotates counter-clockwise.
- on the downstoke

Note the angle of the ratchet and the  direction of the hammer stroke.
Kelsey Model N Ink Table
Kelsey Model Mercury ID The later Model Mercury Models O & U (and others)
table rotates clockwise
- on the upstroke

Note the different hammer and the ratchet teeth that are sloped in the opposite direction.
Kelsey Mercury Ink Table

Note also the imperfect alignment of the dog with the table. This is not uncommon on these presses, but can be repaired.
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