equipment in use at the Excelsior Press
9x13 Kelsey Excelsior
Comparison of two press' ink dog assembly

Dawn had some problems with her 9x13 ink table rotation.
Comparing these two photos, it became apparent that her press and ours use slightly different ink table advance mechanisms.

Dawn's 9x13 Kelsey
Dawn's 9x13

The 'dog' (striker) on Dawn's press appears to be one taken from the 6x10 press parts bin at Kelsey, and mounted to work (somewhat), but may have been worn down, allowing more free play than would be desireable with this mechanism, while the dog on our press below shows a slightly different, but more robust design.

Alan's 9x13 Kelsey
9x13 Kelsey at The Excelsior Press

note how much 'beefier' this ink table striker is than the one installed on the press above, and how much closer to the frame it is positioned.

We will add new photos of Dawn's press once it is set up to work properly.

page last updated April 17, 2010