Excelsior Press Museum Print Shop Photos from 11/3/2001
(Shop is still very much in clean up phase. Future photos will show quite a bit of improvement..)

Click on the image to see megapixel image and more detail.

48-drawer double california cabinet with sloping bank,acquired from Mr. Wallach, 1967
30-drawer 3/4 width cabinet, 150 galley cabinet
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California job case 12 pt Goudy Oldstyle
(13535 bytes)

2/3-sized cabinets from Mr. Howell's shop in Summit
(14443 bytes)

2/3 Hoe Cabinet
(from Mr. Ishill??)
(12504 bytes)

detail of Hoe case drawer pull
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3/4-sized flattop, 2/3 cabinet, maker unknown. Mr. Ishill
(15051 bytes)

48-drawer double california cabinet with sloping bank
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forms in galleys
(13657 bytes)

forms in galleys
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8x12 C&P from P and D Printing, Dunellen, NJ
(acquired 1980)
(14406 bytes)

10x15 C&P Mr. Wallach
(14514 bytes)

12x18 C&P
(Big Ben) from P and D Printing, Dunellen, NJ
(14205 bytes)

Ludlow Type Slug Caster
acquired from Al Beckman, 1984
(14432 bytes)

2 Ludlow Cabinets/30 fonts of mats
(14165 bytes)

1946 Vandercook Model 4t
First sold to Newark Trade Typographers, 1946
(acquired at auction, NYC, 1977)
feed tray off for repainting.
(13212 bytes)

angle shot of shop from southeast corner, stone table in center
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stone table and furntiture cabinets
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galley cabinets, lead supply above
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6x10 C&P Pilot
9x12 Damon & Peets Gordon (circa 1870's)
8x12 C&P Oldstyle (1921?)
acquired from Tony Rienzo's shop of 1930
(15377 bytes)

18" Challenge Hand Cutteracquired from Mr. Wallach, 1967
(14833 bytes)

5x8 Pearl (1927?) acquired from Mr. Ishill via Barbara Croneberger 1973(?)
(14485 bytes)

Misc Table Top Presses
(12862 bytes)

Excelsior Press sign by Tom Weltchek, 1980
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1953 Heidelberg Windmill size 10x15
P and D Printing, 1980
(17917 bytes)

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