Equipment in use at the Excelsior Press Museum
        Print Shop
                            Common Press - as used in the 13 Colonies

The Prodigal Press

(Wooden Common Press)

Returns Home
February 9, 2018
& again on
March 17, 2019

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2018 Blog Page Entry about this press and it's adventures and future... (to be updated here as time allows)

In April of 2018, our Wooden Common Press was taken to NMIH - The National Museum of Industrial History- a Smithsonian affiliate in Bethlehem, PA. It was on display there from April-October of 2018 as part of their six-month printing and papermaking exhibit.

It came home again on March 17, 2019, and put back into the barn. But it is expected to be moved to Washington's Crossing Historical Park in Pennsylvania some time during the next few months. More about that on the blog - when there is news....

The Wooden Common Press is introduced on the main page. This page begins the adventure of making one ourselves, here at The Excelsior Press Museum Print Shop, aka
The Wooden Nichol & Excelsior Press Works.


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