Equipment we have and use at the Excelsior Press

Ruth's Creative Studio - & Kelsey 5x8

Ruth's Work Area in her Studio

Hello Alan!

You asked for a photo of my work area and press. Well, here it is. This workspace was formerly known as my breakfast room, and indeed that is my breakfast table buried under stuff against the far wall, accumulating scratches, ink, etc.  I am very happy in this workspace because the light is excellent. 

You can see the printing counter and job cart in the foreground with the Kelsey.  In the lower right you can see some of my type cases.  Now, traditionalists will be horrified that I keep type in these plastic cases rather than in traditional California cases.  But given the cramped quarters, these are a perfect solution.  Plus, they have tight-fitting lids making it hard to spill type, and they protect the type from moisture and dust.

Everything else art-related is also stored in here, too.  I'm not yet prepared to give over the china cabinet to art stuff, so many art and printing things are tucked into crannies and under furniture.  There is no room for the Craftsmen Superior here so it is in a room in the garage.  I love my little workspace -- but need I say I am a bit envious of people with huge spacious work areas?  :)